Why Conrad Law?

Conrad Law was founded in 2015 by Ian Conrad.  Ian is one of the North's leading commercial lawyers, having advised and represented North Queensland business owners for over 25 years.

Ian spent 14 years at BCK Lawyers, 11 years as a partner.  After the passing of John Bolton in 2002, Ian headed the BCK Law Wills and Estates team and took over the Business Law division when Keith Kern retired in 2007.  He left BCK in 2013 to take up a position with Queensland's largest regional law firm, as a specialist working in the areas of business law, wills and estate law and with rural clients.  Ian has now opted out of the large law firm model, to set up a niche business and succession legal practice.  See Ian's Bio.

Conrad Law provides specialist advice and representation that focuses on delivering high quality value driven solutions, whilst striving to remove the inherent inefficiencies of the traditional law firm model.

Post-GFC, we live and operate in an ultra-competitive low return era.  Business owners and self funded retirees require value from their service providers, not inflated by unnecessary overheads and inefficiency.

Smaller generalist legal firms or the internet can often provide  more cost effective solutions.  However agreements purchased for $100 off the internet may be more dangerous than having nothing!  How would you know when? General practitioners in small firms are often very good at a few things, but how do you know if your needs fall within their skill set?

Conrad Law specialises in business law and succession law (including wills & estates), with a focus on innovation and rural enterprises.  We are very good in the areas mentioned in this web site.  We don't dabble outside our expertise.

Most of our work involves providing high level advice and representation to avoid or resolve difficult situations, ensuring there are no unpleasant surprises at invoice time.  Where the cost of that high level service is a barrier, we can often provide other options that are simple but  effective, inexpensive but well thought out.  The low cost or guided DIY option will sometimes eliminate much of the risk or get the desired result.  Technical expertise and experience is required to know and explain simply the risks and benefits of viable options.  At Conrad Law you pay only for that expertise and experience.