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Please note that this page and the services listed are under development and as a result access is limited. Please contact us on 07 4772 2333 if you wish to know more about the services mentioned on this page.

What are the Conrad Law web services?

We are developing a range of legal products that are really quite different.  We have developed on-line systems and our own “robot lawyer” to help streamline the delivery of a range of basic legal services. As a result, we can provide a streamlined legal service offer for a range of traditional legal services at a significantly reduced cost.  The MentorLaw services mentioned below are provided FREE.

Streamlined Services

We have developed a number of streamlined basic versions of traditional legal services that we can deliver at a significantly reduced cost. To access these services, you complete a detailed on-line instruction questionnaire.  These legal products take into account your specific circumstances.  We provide under this service a basic level of advice, documentation and service that suits your circumstances, provided there are no complications that require special attention. Unlike most other on-line “legal” document products, we make sure the basic level product is suitable for your circumstances. You have the option to transition to full service support at any time and the work you We currently have the following streamlined services:

Streamlined eWill Service:

This service is appropriate for people who want to make a basic Will.  You provide your Will instructions on-line and we prepare a Will based on those instructions. We will contact you to make an appointment to discuss your requirements, provide estate planning advice, make any minor adjustment required for your Will and to and sign your Will. If your requirements are more complex, you can elect to take a basic Will or credit the eWill cost to the cost of our traditional estate planning service. The streamlined eWill service is provided at a 40% discount to our usual full service offer.

Streamlined Residential Tenancy Dispute Service:

This service is appropriate for people who manage their own residential rental properties, who run in to problems in dealing with their tenants. You provide your Will instructions on-line and we provide you with the required dispute notices, a QCAT eviction application and provision of advice and mentoring on what to do and when.  The cost of the Streamlined Residential Tenancy Dispute Service starts at $250.

Streamlined Debt Recovery Service:

This is a competitively price debt recovery service.  Where debtors are likely to pay up with a push, this service is likely to be far more cost effective than using large debt collection firms. If the debtor has a profile we think makes it unlikely you will get paid, we will let you know up-front. Where Court is not a good option, we provide advice on self recovery through QCAT and will prepare the Claim for you. Costs will be quoted on application as Court filing fees are dependent on the amount claimed.

MentorLaw Services

We are developing a number of FREE legal mentoring services. You complete a detailed questionnaire on-line. Our “robot lawyer” will provide legal and practical advice relevant to your circumstances together with forms or draft correspondence you can use to help achieve a solution.

Defective Goods Service:

You provide details of the problem you are having with a defective product you have purchased. We provide you with instant advice on your rights and a draft letter to the people who supplied the defective product to you. Cost – FREE!

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