Disputes & litigation

Business disputes

Disagreements in business are not uncommon. Business owners often walk away from disputes to preserve business relationships. Sometimes they do so because they think it will be too expensive to pursue the issue through the Courts. Even if they win, there may be no money there anyway. Often that will be the case, but not always.

Occasionally, a debtor simply doesn’t want to pay or wants to find a way to screw your price down after you have delivered the goods or services. These people take advantage of you.

Some want to treat you as a cheap bank, then run into a cash flow crisis. They only pay the creditors who threaten to sue, or those they need to pay to keep operating. Then when you press them for payment, they manufacture a dispute to make it hard for you to pursue them.

Disputes between business owners are surprisingly common. Lingering differences can fester and ultimately destroy the business. These disputes either need to be resolved and relationships mended, or a way needs to be found for someone to leave on terms that work for both sides.

You will almost always be better off by achieving a quick commercial resolution, than embarking in costly litigation. However sometimes, there is just no other viable option. Our focus in resolving business disputes is to help you adopt the right strategy.   That strategy may involve debt recovery, mediation or other dispute resolution processes.  It may be viable for you to act for yourself in a tribunal with some assistance.  Whether the best option is debt recovery litigation, a strategic strike or working through complex legal issues, Conrad Law will provide very commercially focused advice and representation.

Each circumstance is different. Business disputes are a fact of life. It is hard to know what to do, if you have little or no experience in the Courts. There are often cost-effective options that you may not have thought of, or may not be aware of. We have seen it all before. It can often take as little as 10 minutes to work out the best strategy. Give us a call to see whether we can help.

Estate disputes and litigation

The value of deceased estates has increased significantly in recent years. There can often be quite a lot of value in the family home and what’s left in the superannuation. It is an unfortunate fact, that somebody will often be unhappy with the terms of the Will, the result of intestacy laws where there is no Will or who the superannuation is to be paid to. Sometimes, the way the deceased have left their affairs, results in a very unfair distribution.

We have extensive experience in representing clients in estate disputes. Ian Conrad specialises in succession law. He has over 25 years experience in representing clients involved in disputed estates and superannuation determinations.

Our focus is in estate disputes is always to achieve a fair resolution between the parties, as early and as cost effectively as possible. Often, that requires threat of litigation. Sometimes we need to commence proceedings and taking the litigation all the way through to a Court hearing. If that is required, Conrad Law as succession law specialists have the expertise and experience to ensure that you get the best possible result.