easyLaw eWill

The easyLaw eWill combines the speed and efficiency of the internet and our own “robot lawyer”, with the our succession law expertise.  If your affairs are straight forward and all you need is a simple Will, then our eWill provides a dramatic cost saving compared to the typical cost of a lawyer prepared Will, without the risk of getting a DIY Will kit or internet Will wrong.

You will provide us with the information we need to prepare your eWill by completing an on-line form. A draft copy of your Will is sent to you to approve.  We will then arrange a time to talk to you, to:

  • advise on the provisions of your eWill;
  • review the information you have provided to us and advise whether there are other issues you should consider; and
  • make sure your Will is properly executed.

All this for $165! 

Ring around for a few quotes from traditional law firms with a specialist Wills and Estates division, to see how that stacks up!

How can we provide a quality product at a fraction of the cost? By completely redesigning the way we provide the service and by passing the cost savings of our robot lawyer on to you! You only pay for the bit that needs a highly skilled human to get it right.

What happens if with the benefit of advice from a human lawyer, you decide that the basic easyLaw eWill is not suitable for you?  You can choose to credit the eWill cost in full toward the cost of estate planning advice and a purpose drafted Will, provided by our Wills and estate law specialists for an agreed fixed fee.  You will find our cost structure for that work very competitive as well.

Fast, simple, great value – too easy!

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