For former clients of BCK

How can former BCK Clients obtain their Wills, documents and files?

With the closure of BCK, a number of former BCK clients have asked us what to do about their Wills, documents and files held there.

Clients of law firms own their Wills and other documents held in their lawyer’s safe custody facility. Clients also own most of the documents on their lawyer’s file for their matter.  Clients can ask for their Will, safe custody documents or file to be given to them, at any time. However, the law firm may require any outstanding legal fees to be paid before they release a client’s file.

Ross Law has now taken over the safe custody documents held by BCK.  We understand that they have written to the owners of those documents.  If you left Wills or other important documents with BCK and wish to collect them, you can call them to arrange to collect them.  If you prefer, we can assist.

However we understand that former BCK client files have not been taken over and these effectively remain in limbo.  A number of our clients have resolved that it is not worth the effort to try to retrieve them.  If it is critical that secure a BCK file (for example due to litigation), you will inevitably require legal assistance.

Conrad Law provides free safe custody facilities for your Will or other important documents.  Former business or Wills clients of BCK are welcome to utilise our safe custody facilities for their Will or important documents. We can arrange to collect your safe custody documents and files if you wish.