Welcome to LegalCover – intelligent legal documents and packages that provide low cost basic solutions for our BusiCover and LegalCover  clients.  There is no substitute for obtaining quality legal advice when setting up an entity or documenting a transaction.  However, full service legal advice is undeniably expensive.

If you are looking to set up an entity at the minimum possible cost, better that you source a set-up package from specialist lawyers with real life clients, than from some internet document library.  Better still if there is an upgrade path to obtain some guidance from the authors of the package at minimal additional cost .

An affordable basic level of advice and coverage from a well thought generic agreement, may be better than finding something on the internet and hoping it is OK.  Having a good starting point to help you think through and document an agreement will almost certainly be better than not reducing the terms of the agreement to writing at all. Better still if there is an upgrade path to seek cost effective advice on whether the basic agreement is appropriate and what changes for your circumstances might be absolutely essential!

All LegalCover packages and documents come with information on the circumstances in which they should be used and some of the key issues that should be considered when preparing the document.

iLawDocs provides a service upgrade path for partner specialist business lawyers to provide increasing levels of input, depending on the complexity of you circumstances and budget. The cost of your iLawdocs purchase is credited toward your upgraded service level cost.

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