Venture startups

Whether you are setting up your own business to work for yourself, have a great product, invention, app or concept that you want to develop, moving into the fast lane looking for Angel or venture capital investors or planning an IPO, you will have an immense number of things to get on top of!

One of the more important things to get on top of, is understanding the regulatory issues that will effectyour venture. At the same time, there are so many practical things can go wrong.  A little bit of for knowledge and planning you can help you avoid many of those pitfalls.

Very few new ventures have access to the funds needed to obtain all the advice they need. The best you can hope for is to find someone who can advise what you really need to know at a modest cost you can afford.

Conrad Law can help guide you through the maze of regulatory issues and practical pitfalls that confront new ventures, at a cost that that won’t leave you short for the other critical things you need. We understand start-ups. There is no way you can do everything you need to. However with a light touch and focusing only on what really needs to be done, we can help you significantly de-risk your venture and help you to ensure that it succeeds.