Times are tough. Cashflow is tight. Valuations have fallen. Banks don’t lend when you really need it, or worse they may decide they don’t want your business if you are looking shaky! Breach the terms of your payment plan and the ATO will put you under if you put one step wrong.  One bad debt can tip the boat.

It does not matter how far gone things seem to be, there are always options to improve the situation. The sooner you act, the better the options that are available.  Having someone on your side who really knows how the sytem works is critical, when a stressed business has to deal with banks, the ATO and creditors.

Ian Conrad has many years experience in insolvency law and saving businesses that would have otherwise collapsed. Ian hates seeing good businesses fail due to the bloody mindedness of banks, the ATO and multinational creditors. He will bend over backwards to help you find a way through.

There is no obligation for our first meeting to discuss a business in difficult times.  If you do not require our further services, there will be no charge. So take the opportunity to get advice at  the best possible time – now!

Insolvency – a few ways to avoid it