Conrad Law provides a low cost comprehensive compliance cover and tenancy dispute management service for landlords who would otherwise to manage their own properties. By streamlining the processes involved in entering into a lease, recovering back-rent or possession of the property and dealing with tenancy disputes we take the hassle out of the hard part of being a landlord, at a very modest cost.

What we do for landlords

Tenancy documents

  • We take applications from potential tenants for your property;
  • Prepare the lease and other documentation to provide to the approved tenant to ensure you comply with all Residential Tenancies Act requirements;
  • Arrange for the tenants to sign the required documents;
  • Take the initial rent and bond from the tenant;
  • Lodge the bond with the Residential Tenancies Authority;
  • Keep all required documentation on record for you; and
  • Provide a help line for queries you may have during the tenancy.

Our cost for the tenancy documentation service would usually be covered by the first 2 weeks rent received from the tenant.

Rent recovery and dispute management

  • Prepare and serve dispute notices;
  • Deal with the tenant so you don’t have that stress;

Our cost for initial dispute management would usually be covered by 1 weeks rent recovered from the tenant.

  • Prepare and serve eviction notices if required;
  • Prepare and server Tribunal dispute or eviction forms; and
  • Assist you with Tribunal proceedings.

Our cost for Tribunal assistance (depending on the level of involvement needed from us) would usually be covered from between half and the full bond recovered.

What we don’t do for landlords

We don’t find tenants for you, arrange inspections, manage the property, deal with general communications with tenants or make sure the tenants are doing the right thing.  That’s up to you. If you want someone to look after that for you – you will need to engage a real estate property manager.


Further information

If you would like further information about this service, please contact us here.


Landlord registration form

To register your property with us to utilise our LandlordCover services, please complete our property registration form here.


Tenancy dispute form

To provide details of rental arrears or other dispute with a tenant, please complete our tenancy dispute details form here.